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riental- Thai aroma massage is a fusion-massage which combine with Oriental aroma style and Thai traditional techniques. I use these techniques in order to get rid of stress and pain. In addition, I do focus on relaxing massage and healing your painfulness. you would feel light and relaxed after done getting the aroma massage.

I'd like to emphasize fragrant oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits which are relaxing, aromatic and helpful to reduce any stresses and anxieties. I have a few options that are selected to be the best ones of mine. Each smell can help you differently kind of relaxation.

Thai traditional style massage with stretching are combined with my aroma massage. This part is able to decrease your pain, stress, anxiety and tiredness well. It also relaxes and healsyour muscle and.

When a couple of special things are used on the massage, you will feel amazed and comfortable. Furthermore, I also do an aromatic relaxing massage that being in harmony with the Oriental-Thai aroma massage.

If you love two different massage ways and want these options to become one, my Oriental-Thai aroma massage would be the best choice for you. It's also suitable for men. gay men and anybody who love to get the aromatic massage.

Please feel free to hit me up. I do provide a cozy massage studio and massage equipment all set for you.

*If you'd love to make any appointments beside my schedules, Please let me know in advance, I will plan ahead for you. Looking forward to seeing you!

**SPACIAL OF THE MONTH : no outcall charge!



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