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I provide an unique and special sensory full body massage experience that heightens for all of your senses types. This is an exceptional choice for those who want to explore more pleasure through relaxing touch: gay, bi as well as str8 explorers.You can relax and enjoy this lush experience at your own pace, in a private, safe and comfortable setting.

Available in Milwaukee on Mondays and Tuesdays only
Call, text or email me soon. I like to plan ahead If you need any other information, I am open to chat and ease your concerns. Please introduce yourself when emailing or texting.
As a coach and bodyworker, I combine consultation on touch and luxurious touch therapy. My specialty is helping other men resolve body issues and performace concerns.

You are assured of a discreet, wonderful, high-quality session with me. I have the training, the experience, and the passion that you look for in a man. For the last 16 years, I have been offering compassionate and empowering heart based experiences for men. Overall, It is my intention to provide an uniquely personalized and customized experience to touch you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and joyfully.

I am certain you will reenter your life feeling enlivened, refreshed, renewed and relaxed.

My training and experience is in Swedish massage, Thai massage, Pilates movement therapy, Ashtanga yoga, Siddha yoga meditation, trauma resolution therapy, and various gay men's touch workshops.


Email him now or call (312) 998-3277