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ow accepting appointments for outcalls in Chicago & vicinity, parts of Wisconsin, Michigan, and parts of Indiana.
Close your eyes, clear your mind, and savor the exquisite delicacy of the Art of the Caress.
My massage technique is much like performance art...it must be experienced and doesn't translate well into a description. I am presently only able to provide my services on an outcall basis. Minimum compensation for my time is $120.00. Anything above that amount I leave up to the client. Discretion and your privacy are always held in the highest regard.

For those who require specifics about my person, I'm a well-maintained 55 year young gentleman performing with a level of maturity and experience that you won't find evident in the younger generations. I stand 6'1" tall weighing 150 pounds, with a lean, nicely toned, not-overly muscular build, kept up by regular workouts and careful nutritional habits, (genetics have a lot to do with my physique, I can't take all the credit for being slender, Mom and Dad had a lot to do with it.) i have a shaved head with a full mustache and a trimmed Van-Dyke beard.
I take special pride in the care given to those of you who are new to the experience of male massage. In addition, I have a keen interest in fine dining and the arts, especially classical music including the opera and symphony..

I'm available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but do require a minimum of 2 hours advance notice for all appointments. Serving the city of Chicago & environs, including South Bend/Michiana as far as Benton Harbor, Milwaukee/Madison, and Indianapolis. I'm also available for travel within the U.S. and abroad. Contact me by email or phone for info on availability.

Thanks, Craig

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