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'm a CMT of 13 years offering a wide range of massage services that can be blended together. I specialize in an unique form of massage in warm water I call Aquatic Bodywork but is typically known as Watsu. I have a private indoor pool that I heat up to 98 degrees, body temperature. I then would float you in the water, pulling, stretching, cradling and holding you in the water. It's a very physically close and nurturing form of massage. I also offer an unique form of gentle Thai Massage that is a blend that also includes forms of sports massage, passive stretching, Breema and Tansu. This form is done on two super cozy queen sized memory foam mattresses. I also offer traditional Swedish/Deep Tissue massage on a table. My favorite session is to blend the Aquatic Bodywork followed by the Thai Massage which is at minimum a 90min session but my favorite is my 2 hour experience!! My form of massage is about creating a deeply relaxing experience where the body can completely let go, surrender and receive. Go to for more details.

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