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i how are you doing ? i have been offering a mix of relaxing and therapeutical massages based on techniques learned during my training at ecole AZENDAY in paris in 2012 : mainly swedish and californian massage techniques. it can last from 60 to 90min : on table only in incall as i cant travel with the table . i can move though if you can accept to get the massage on bed .

Californian massage : created in the sixties decrease tensions in the body by improving energy moving .
it is based on creativity and intuition with some specific movements for head, feets and hands.

The Californian massage is both invigorating and soft, bringing relaxation and well-being.

Swedish massage, also one of the most popular, has been created in the 19th century.

Very appreciated by the sportpeople, it tones up muscles, relieves the aches, the muscle pains and the pains of the back.

This dynamic massage favors the blood and lymphatic circulation, detox the body and helps it to find its natural balance.

By alternating various kind of movements, it favors a big muscular relaxation.

I dont hesitate to contact me for other details . pls add me on whatsapp +33619785713 sms or call . thanks see you .

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