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i everyone!! I'm offering my services as a massage therapist I have 3 years experience working in Hotels and Spas and 4yrs advertising on Craigs List and now on this site,(I have great clients from this both sites, male,female,gay and straight).
I will gladly greet you into my cozy traditional style furnished 2 bedroom Condo. After proper introduction I will lead you into the 2nd bedroom which I personally decorated into spa-like treatment room(see pictures) and spend a brief moment to discuss the treatment you are about to receive.
Treatments I offer:
Relaxation Massage (swedish Massage) 1hr $120.00
Deep Tissue massage or combination of both. 1hr $120.00
I recommend my signature massage...90 min $180.00 includes chest,abdominal,face massage and 15 min of sports massage.(passive joint mobilization of your hips,knees and stretching of your quadriceps and hamstrings) After feet massage I used hand sanitizer to get rid of germs we all carry in our feet so I can go back and keep working on your body. The room is very warm and the table has a heating pad to make you feel warm and relax while you are getting the massage. To enhance the treatment I use aromatherapy and quiet relaxing music.
Complementary Hot tea and or Bottle H20 after the session to help flush out the toxins that are removed in your body from the massage.
My Ad is pretty much self-explandatory If you are looking for a quality spa treatment and interested in my services best and fastest way to contac me for an appointment is by texting at my cell number with your name, Alejandro- 773 414 5618 if you don’t get a reply right away I either might be with a client or away from my cell please leave a ditail message and I will reply as soon as possible.


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