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ith an intuitive touch and expertise from many years of experience in gay massage we will enjoy a male bonding experience while you melt away under long firm strokes, deep penetration over tight sore muscles and gentle stretches for better mobility. This blending of enhanced focused therapeutic styles will relax and rejuvenate while bringing your body and mind back into balance. You will find it to be a full cycle experience from the first warm light of touch to the smoldering molten end (my hands tend to run warm and only get warmer as the session continues) only to drift away on a billowy cloud as you prepare to dismount my table...

Over time I've developed a blending of Eastern(dry) and Western(warm oil) styles including: Shiatsu pressure point work, Myofascial Therapies and deep Swedish oil massage. Catering to your physical needs and desires I will also incorporate Thai stretches, Rolfing, and getting a finger in your trigger points. I will end with Deep Tissue/Swedish massage using warm oil and long strokes to release knots rooted deep within the belly of your muscle tissue. Since I incorporate a wide variety of styles into my massage practice I generally prefer to give a 90 minute or longer massage for the full benefit of therapy but will work with your needs accordingly. Please inquire for more information on my professional services or photographs. Thank you very much!

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