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I offer a skillful touch with a professional approach and stand 6ft. 4 inches tall, 190lbs, with an athletic body, a killer smile and warm personality. I have an appreciation for massage as a way to calm, rejuvenate and connect with others.

I offer a session that can be purely therapeutic, or one that is more soothing. Enjoy a session that is friendly and relaxed. There are few greater pleasures than simply enjoying the touch of another man.

I provide an intimate and sublime massage experience and will work my way around your body, varying between gentle and firm pressures as needed.

I view massage as being inclusive and more of a necessity for a person's well being as opposed to being a luxury. I therefore welcome men and couples of all backgrounds and types.


I would like our time together to leave you relaxed, refreshed and relieved. Let me know any requests or preferences you may have.

You may visit me in my clean, secured and serene environment, with blissful tunes playing in the background, and ambient lighting, or I may come to you.

Linens are always fresh and you are welcome to take a shower. I use a selection of the finest scented and unscented oils and lotions to account for all skin types. I have 5 years of experience practicing Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage techniques.

Whether you seek to indulge in a treat for yourself,
or massage is already part of your overall well-being plan, I'm the man for you.


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