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aples Premiere Male Massage Therapist Conveys Healing Strength and Energy through Masterful Hands.

Enjoy Liberation and Tranquility:

Celebrate liberation, as we integrate healing strength and energy to center and balance your body, mind and spirit.

Expand your persona as we usher new freedom and peace together through deep rest, muscular relief and lighter tactile work.

Massage As You Like It:

Every massage is therapeutic and sensorial, combining bodywork techniques with great respect and sensitivity. I can indulge your need for lighter work as well as give you a muscular work-out by incorporating deep tissue, trigger point, range of motion and stretching.

We can explore your preferences. Regardless of your experience in male massage, we will find what works for you.

Celebrate in Style:

You will like my professional office. It is upscale, welcoming, and totally oriented towards your indulgence. Relax, renew and purge tension in comfort and security.

When I am in session, my male assistant is always on hand to help you.

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