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ello All Are Welcome:

Note due to the publicizing of our Personal Cell Numbers, Please useTEXT to contact me or (leave me a message on my voicemail), so that I know You as a possible client and not a Corporation selling me products or services.

I received Certification as a Professional Masseur in 2000. I have focused on Massage as my primary income since 2005.

To Clarify on My Rates: I have 2 prices for In Call and Out Call, 1st time rates are the lower rates which may be adjusted dependent upon various factors. Please inquire so there will be no misunderstandings.

(You will need to give me a two (2) hour window for any discounted rates/per your request).

In 2009 I TradeMarked Temporic massage because I use the movement of music to aid in the strokes and movement throughout the body for my massage (Deep or Swedisih) This is my own developed form of massage I have honed for the last 10 years or so becoming a skilled practitioner of Massage. It is a tempo based massage utilizing various music to move along the body applying the various strokes learned in school in a way that is not sterile or clinical. Dependent upon it being a light or deep tissue session, the intensity of this mode is reflective. I hope to see you soon!



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