Why do more than 2,700 masseurs rely on Masseurfinder for advertising? Because our site is fast, well-designed and packed with features. Because it's visited by more than 150,000 men each month — far more than you can reach through a personal website or app.

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For part-timers who need a boost For masseurs ready to take their business to the next level For top pros who want to make serious money
Number of ads 2 2 4
Placement in search results Bottom Middle First
Number of photos 4 15 25
Number of videos 0 1 2
Photo size in search results small medium large
Priority customer support & text approval x x
AVAILABLE NOW feature 60 minutes at a time 90 minutes at a time 120 minutes at a time
Travel schedule 1 trip/month 3 trips/month unlimited
Chance to be in the weekly newsletter (if enough room)
In rotation on homepage x x
Weekly specials x
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From our members

Your site is phenomenal. If there were two of me I would still have trouble keeping up with the business generated from Masseurfinder!

joe in Chicago

I have easily quadrupled my business with the first month of ads on Masseurfinder. I have actually turned down as much business as I have accepted, because I can't book everyone the same day they contact me.

Rocky DC in Sterling

You're the best! I have over a dozen regular clients I got from Masseurfinder who come just about every week.

Rick in Burbank

I have always been happy with the service provided by you and the other staff members at Masseurfinder.com. I have canceled my other ads on mass...m4m, men4....now, and a couple of others.

Joe in Los Angeles

Thanks a ton. The new layout looks great. Good job!

Mark in Dallas

Congratulations on the GREAT new look to the site! What you have done with the site is awesome...very proud to be a member of Masseurfinder.

Chicago Massage in Lisle