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There's no coincidence that I am one of the most viewed LMT's on Masseurfinder.

H ot Hands Pro Massage
Providing RelaxingTherapeutic Energy Massage Modalities

I am a grad. of The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy N.Y.C (1996) with 20 years of experience providing quality body work performing over 11,000 sessions. I’m trained, licensed, insured, & certified in Swedish/ Shiatsu/ Spor ts/ Reiki/ Medical massage modalities; and I’m also a natural healer.

Clients claim to receive a healing energy above and beyond the Massage experience that they initially intended on.

See my "RELAXING" AD for my CUSTOM massage on here for more information.

Your massage is custom designed for the client to experience the ultimate in healing that enhances the deep penetrating therapeutic nature of my work, & to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs all in one session.

Relaxing Therapeutic: is an eclectic combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, & medical massage (if necessary) on table.

I approach my massage by addressing your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to help align your body and energies into a healthy balance.

As a licensed clinical therapist I now offer my own unique "mental massage" that addresses both mind and body together for a deeper healing affect.

My clinical therapy sessions are also available on their own, or by phone as well.

Suggestions and choosing a qualified licensed massage therapist. Consider asking the following questions:

1. Are you licensed or certified?
2. Do you work from a table?
3. What massage college did you attend?
4. What massage modalities are you trained and certified in providing?

Travel Dates:

10/20/16 - 10/21/16 Salt Lake City, Utah
10/22/16 - 10/24/16 Denver, Colorado
10/25/16 - 10/27/16 St. Louis, Missouri
10/28/16 - 11/06/16 Chicago, Illinois
11/07/16 - 11/08/16 Indianapolis, Indiana
11/09/16 - 11/12/16 Nashville, Tennessee
11/13/16 - 11/15/16 Atlanta, Georgia
11/16/16 - 11/18/16 Orlando, Florida
11/26/16 - 11/28/16 Miami, Florida
11/29/16 - 11/30/16 Tallahassee, Florida
11/30/16 - 12/02/16 New Orleans, Louisiana
12/02/16 - 12/05/16 Houston, Texas
12/05/16 - 12/08/16 Dallas, Texas
12/09/16 - 12/11/16 Santa Fe, New Mexico

About Him

Massage College: The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy of NYC
Reiki Practitioner

BSA: psych/substance abuse
Masters: Psych/ addictions

20 years of experience providing talk therapy with recovering addicts & codependents

Hobbie s: Cooking, home improvement, tennis, travel, fine dining, gardening, & the designing/ building of water garden features & koi ponds.

I have given over 10,000 massage sessions in the past 20 years as an L.M.T. providing professional, relaxing therapeutic energy massage in N.Y. & S.C.


Incalls 60 min. $125.00
90 min. $150.00
120 min. $200.00

Additional Fees

Local Outcall $20.00
Credit Card Fee $15.00

Travel schedule

  • Oct. 22 - 24: Denver, CO
  • Oct. 25 - 27: St. Louis, MO
  • Oct. 28 - Nov. 06: Chicago, IL
  • Nov. 07 - 10: Indianapolis, IN
  • Nov. 11 - 14: Nashville, TN