Masseur To You

Swedish, Thai, & Sports massage


Rest Between Class

About his bodywork

I'm traveling for 2 months and fitting massages in while away from my regular clients back home.

I'm offering Thai massage on a hard surface (traditional method) and Swedish and Sports massage on your bed.

I will come to your location (as long as you're within about 10/15 minutes)

All you need to do is have a sheet down and relax. I will bring music and lotion if you request or can use coconut oil or olive oil if you have some (some of the healthiest and simplest options)

Please inform me of any particular sore areas, any areas with past trauma or that need particular attention.

Please freely communicate with me before and during regarding your preferences. I can go as hard as you like and can lighten pressure too, depending on what you want.

Mostly, I want you to feel relaxed and to feel blissful during and after the massage experience.

About Him

I love massage therapy and have since I was little. I'm venturing out of my comfort zone and traveling, seeking new clients and experiences and have my massage business back home in the care of excellent masseurs for at least 2 months while I explore some of the beautiful cities of this country.

I live in San Francisco and work regularly there and in Los Angeles. I'm new to masseurfinder and hope it will bring me opportunities to massage and otherwise.

I'm constantly learning new aspects of massage because I believe it is a sacred, beautiful language.

Most recent added Massage Course:

3 months in Thailand finished in April

Since. I've worked 400 hours of Thai or Thai-infused massage and over 1,000 hours of traditional and sports massage therapy.


Outcalls 60 min. $170.00

Travel schedule

  • Oct. 21 - 26: Austin, TX
  • Oct. 26 - 30: Denver, CO
  • Oct. 31 - Nov. 02: West Hollywood, CA