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About his bodywork

I'm Jonathan, and M4M massage, opening into Tantric states, is my passion. This is a moment to relax on the table and allow a skilled practitioner to guide and stimulate energy and feeling throughout the body. This not about 'releasing' and running. This is learning to feel and experience, to be present and sensual in a warm, comfortable and professional space. The session moves from a holding/greeting practice, to energy work on a massage table to vibrate energy channels, to bodywork. We're working on letting go of anxieties, judgements, blocks, conflicts, and being free. A particular concern of mine is recovery from medical challenges like diabetes and cancer, and religious cultures that suppress our inner feelings. I also can be helpful in strategizing new pathways to be expressive as a lover. This should be a creative and ongoing journey but it's possible to hit roadblocks in our relationships. Tantra can help.

I'm trained in body and energy work (Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Pranic Healing) and have eight years of experience helping men with heightened states- sensual, meditative, holistic, calm, ecstatic. The focus isn't on me or my body so please don't write asking if I'll be disrobed. The session is about YOU. If reciprocal touch is an interest we can do a structured touching practice where we work deliberately on learning how to exchange energy, allowing powerful transfers to take place. For men gay and straight and everyone who wants to work on feeling! Cash or cards are fine. The listed time of the session is the time spent on the table, so please make sure you have at least a half hour in addition to the listed time and tell me if there's time constraints since I'm not much of a clock-watcher. A choice of session length (60min, 90min, 120min) tells me what depth of experience to aim for.

Reviews: "Thank you for that amazing experience" "i found the time amazing." "Thank you! Very moving experience." "Thanks for yesterday. Opened up new horizons for me." "Thank you for what was truly an awakening this evening. I feel amazing." "I still can't get that session out of my mind - the energy is still flowing" "I'm not sure when I've felt this deeply relaxed. Feels deep to the core." "Thanks again for last night...I'm learning so much about my own body, getting in touch with feelings I didn't know I had..." "Slept like a baby. Thank you. Could not even wake up in the morning" "Ur amazing ! Thx" "would like to see you, for a repeat of our session, I felt good for days" "Can't tell you enough how much I loved our session." "thanx 4 a gr8 experience today. I think u really helped me." "I could still feel your touch..." "it's been a couple weeks since my session with you and I still think about how amazing it was."

About Him

I’m fascinated by deep bonds between men, and the profound healing we can help each other achieve.e of each other. From physical tension to emotional wounds, energy blocks, inner & outer judgements, or whatever weighs us down and be free of it. Here in St Pete, parking is no problem. With outcalls I bring my heating table, music, oil, aromatherapy and my own beautiful self to meet yours! I do Tantric training sessions as well: helping men and couples learn more subtle and powerful ways of interacting, beyond the usual bump and grind and into connected, powerful modes of touching and energy exchange.


TANTRA 60 min. $75.00
90 min. $100.00
120 min. $140.00
Spa Services
Holding/Energy Session 60 min. $75.00

Travel schedule

  • Oct. 19 - 21: Charlotte, NC