Strong Handsome Sebastian

Safe... Sane... Knowledgable masseur

About his bodywork

Sebastian is amaaaaaazing.

SAFE environment... SANE masseur... KNOWLEDGABLE practitioner. . . .

Relax and clear your mind. My job is to make sure you are comfortable during your massage and leave our session satisfied and tension free. My M4M massage is simply bliss. My firm consistent strokes are sure to leave you floating. My rhythmic touch is sensual and satisfying. Fall into a deep meditation experience as my strong hands relieve and satisfy each one of your muscles. Specific areas need work? Feel free to make requests. I can help. I'm trained, experienced and gifted. Gay, bi, discreet? No problem.. my lips are sealed. Let me make your day.

Maybe your muscles need a little more care? Ask about me about streeeeeeeetching. The stretch is amazing! Stretching allows us to identify tight/overactive and weak/under active muscles. The technique is used therapeutically to alleviate muscle tension, headaches, and stress. Stretching allows for increased awareness and muscular efficiency. I'd love to share this rejuvenating experience with you.

About Him


I'm Sebastian. I have been a massage therapist for 8 years. I'm also a licensed pilates instructor and flexibility therapist. I'm knowledgable, safe, and sane. I look forward to working with you.


Outcalls 60 min. $130.00
90 min. $200.00
Incalls 60 min. $130.00
90 min. $200.00


Near 36th Street & 9th Ave
New York, NY 10036
Outcalls within 5 miles

Travel schedule

  • Oct. 26 - 26: Los Angeles, CA
  • Oct. 27 - 27: Tallahassee, FL
  • Oct. 28 - 28: Frankfort, KY
  • Oct. 29 - 29: San Antonio, TX
  • Oct. 30 - 30: Las Vegas, NV
  • Oct. 31 - 31: Detroit, MI