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About his bodywork

My massage hours run daily:
10am - 12am

Calls and Texts are preferred over emails 847-644-2981

My appointments book up quickly so be sure to call at your earliest convenience so I can schedule you at a time that works well for the both of us.

ALL of my clients are treated with respect and professionalism. In return I expect the same from my clients.

Hi, I'm Sean. I have over 11 years of experience as a CMT with a numerous clientele from all walks of life, anyone from male and female celebs and CEOs to other fellow massage therapists. I'm also a fitness/life coach, a print model for Versace and Calvin Klein, and a feature film actor. My latest role was as Christian Bale's stand-in for The Dark Knight and The Dark Night Rises

What my massage offers you is a voyage to spiritual peace and relaxation; an escape to a realm of muscular bliss. I am looking to loosen your mind and body and ease the stress brought on by the daily chores of life. I'm professionally trained but my massage is far from textbook; I massage from the heart. I have an amazing sense of compassion and intuition. I offer a unique combination of a physically relaxing massage and natural sensuality. I believe that a session should combine the best of both worlds. It is my job to help alleviate stress levels and help detoxify the body. We all put a lot of pressure on many areas of and a majority of us feel aches and pains on a regular basis. A well-trained massage therapist can work wonders in creating an overall sense of relaxation while minimizing discomfort. I feel strongly in educating my clients so they are then able to clearly understand the many benefits that massage therapy can offer. My intention is to have them simultaneously experience a change for the better that greatly contributes to an improved quality of their health. I believe qualified massage therapy is a mandatory part of preventative health and wellness.

How massage therapy works:

When the connective tissue that surrounds a muscle tightens it restricts movement in the muscle and can put pressure on the surrounding nerves which creates pain. A massage softens the tissue which then allows it to return the muscle towards its original range of motion ability thereby taking pressure off the nerves leading to a reduction in pain.

My deeply relaxing massage is coupled with a warm, nurturing, relaxed and sensuous touch. This is an intense multi-sensory experience like nothing you've encountered before. My massage offers the entire spectrum of pressures from deep tissue to a feather-like swedish. I start deep and end with a calming, relaxing, feather-like touch with a little trigger-point and reflexology to top it all off. My intent is to knead out all those awful knots and then calm the muscle back into relaxation. Each massage session is tailored to the specific needs and requests of the client. Meaning, I can skip certain muscle groups and focus on the areas that bother you most

ALL of my clients are treated with respect and professionalism. In return I expect the same from my clients.

About Him

I'm an optimistic, friendly, energetic person who always has a smile on my face. I'm extremely active in a number of different activities including: weight lifting, guitar playing, singing, scuba diving, mountain biking and rollerblading. Sushi is amazing


Outcalls 60 min. $160.00
Incalls 60 min. $140.00
75 min. $170.00


Based in San Diego, CA 92109
Outcalls within 25 miles