Christopher's Massage

$115 for a 2 hour Deep Tissue Massage


About his bodywork

The m4m massage market packed with vast amounts of therapist however most give the same basic and bland massage. The kind of massage that I give is rather different than your typical massage. It seems that most therapist only watch the clock rather than actually giving a thorough massage. With my massage it is all about you and what needs to be done to improve your overall health as well as ensure you receive the full benefits of the massage. My massage is a unique blend of Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Swedish massage techniques that together work wonderfully for relieving our daily stress and tension that we all have.
During this massage I will basically perform a search and destroy type of maneuver, to where I will search your entire back for knots which are responsible for withholding stress and cause pain throughout the back and neck. From here I will work these knots out thoroughly to release them. With my 2 hour massage I typically spend at least an hour on the back due to the simple fact that the back withholds the majority of stress and tension and as a result it needs the most work. The rhomboid muscles along the shoulder blades is a group of muscles that when tight can affect the entire body. A great deal of time is spent here due to the importance of releasing these muscles. Another main focus of the back massage is on the traps/shoulder area, this area is notorious for causing headaches from tension headaches and stress headaches. By releasing these muscles it will greatly reduce the amount of stress throughout your back, neck and will reduce scalp tightness, all that can lead to headaches. Another trouble area that I focus on is the base of the skull. This part of the body can become tense over time and cause pain. When all of these areas are worked in order it will greatly reduce and relieve the amount of stress and tension throughout your entire body and will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Upon completing the back I follow through by massaging the legs and glutes in great detail then I massage the feet, arms, hands and neck. It is a confirmed fact that 98% of all back pain, especially lower back pain is muscular, so if you are experiencing back pain a massage may very well be the answer to your problems. My massage is very detail oriented and based upon your needs as the client. Every massage is taken seriously and I will focus directly on you. Also please know that I work for pay, but if at anytime you really need a massage and cannot pay for it please inform me of the situation and we can work something out. For everyone needs a massage. I am very understanding so please do not hesitate to contact me regardless of your situation. Please do not take advantage of this act of kindness.

About Him

My name is Christopher and I am a college student working on my doctorates in Chiropractics . I am also a licensed and insured massage therapist in the State of Texas. I am in my 3rd year of the chiropractic program, and have over 800 hours of massage training and 8 years of massage therapy experience. I want to get the most out of life, and I know this can only be achieved by having a full education under my belt. I entered the massage field as a way to pay for my education on my own. Therefore, I am very dedicated to it. I always give the best massage that I can possibly give. I want my client to feel perfect when the massage is over. I want my client to feel a sense of relief in their lives. I take the extra mile to accomplish these feelings in my massage. I feel that I am doing massage for a reason in my life, and for that reason I am going to do the best that can possibly be done with it.


Incalls 70 min. $65.00
90 min. $85.00
120 min. $115.00
Outcalls 70 min. $70.00
90 min. $85.00
120 min. $115.00


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