About his bodywork

Hello. I'm Prince Juniper, a Body-Worerk with heart.

I study and practice Wellness, especially when involving relationships and healing old wounds. Having spent much time supporting others and keeping a harmonious balance between my surroundings, I know very well how to be of service. It's something that comes easy to me, and also something I NEED to do to feel fulfilled. So my journey leads me here:

Seeking to restore balance in people through Body work.

I'm not like any other masseur you'll ever meet. I use a combination of physical body work and energy work to deliver balance to the body.

With a combination of the therapeutic three: Swedish, Deep tissue/sports, and Miofascial, I pull and rearrange the muscle fibers to offer real therapeutic results that will benefit the body and quality of life. With Energy work, I offer emotional healing, and balance to the energy streams of the body.

What I am offering:

60min $120
75min $140
90min $160

60min $150
90min $200

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Take care.

About Him

Born a Prince in Yucantan, with Mayan and Spanish blood.
Went to college at Iowa State University for art and design and then moved out to West Coast Best Coast three years ago. As a Prince, it is my duty to learn about the world and obtain skills to serve nature and humanity. I am currently diving in to adventures I only dreamed of:

I am a student and practicing Samurai for peace in the world. I am committed to serving the the best way that I can. To caring for my friends and loves, and people in need of healing. I value being noble, generous, caring, gentle, patient, careful, slow, quiet, and humble. I believe the most powerful human beings are willing to take a step back and let others powers shine. The meek will inherit the earth.

I am a student of the Flesh & Spirit community where I practice body work and magic.

I do yoga... Kundalini

I am also a painter.

I have at some point identified with being or been labeled as a radical faerie, a forest nymph, an angel, a shaman, and ethereal.

Here is an excerpt from a client who calls me a Darter: One that moves suddenly and rapidly.

It is a small, often brilliantly colored freshwater fish, a long necked bird, and a firefly.

I think he is referring mostly to the firefly.

I'll leave you with this:

"Airy Juniper .

The iridescent shimmer & ineffable grace of the Darter, one of the several princes of evolution’s magic…

I am good. You give a lot— the excitation and the shimmer and the open sky mind—that is the darter’s role . He inspires and instigates as he pursues all around.

I am not sure that the predator emphasis is correct—such a negative word in common parlance—we all eat, after all. The darter does it with particular style. I am a biologist by training and inclination. I think you act by wonderful instinct, deliberately, interacting with shimmering non-chalance. not wasting a moment ! That is more what I am driving at with the Darter analogy

Maybe ’ shimmer ’ is my new nickname for Prince Juniper. The problem with that lovely plant analogy is that is so grounded. Leaves can shimmer, of course.

Be well, sweet man. Do dart out to ‘Tennessee,’ whichever path you choose.



Sensual Massage 60 min. $150.00
Massage 90 min. $200.00


Near 36 st & west st
Oakland, CA 94608
Outcalls within 10 miles