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About his bodywork

TANTRIC SESSIONS : December 20th to 26th : $20 OFF

MEDICAL/SPORT massage :I draw on deep tissue, trigger point, shiatsu, reflexology, and reiki techniques to develop a massage customized for your specific goals and needs. I start with a biotone lotion, adding some magnesium oil to bring more oxygen to the blood and muscle. A 60 minutes massage will provide thorough muscle relaxation and stress release, while a 90 minutes massage is ideal for working on problem areas and deep knots and soreness. Both during and at the end of the massage I created a pain cream made with natural ingredients, that continues to soothe and provide relaxation for hours after you've left.

Whether you want to come in after every workout, or just once or twice a month, let me bring your body, mind, and spirit back to health and balance.
Also Combining my experience with both massage and pharmacy allows me bring you a unique therapeutic experience.

Reiki Master, since 08/22/2012 !!! ( took the class in Hawaii, Maui).

About my sessions: My massage sessions are gay or straight men oriented .It takes place in a candle-lit soothing space with soft, relaxing music, and are a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial, and aromatherapy…with a unique edge. My sessions exude elements of both fire and water: not only does it create an increase in heat energy through my techniques, but it will also relax you into a deeper state of peace and well-being. It is extremely exciting and relaxing at the same time!
I use unscented Biotone lotion made of Arnica and ivy extracts, known to aid skin circulation and to tone and firm skin elasticity. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth without any residue.

My THERAPEUTIC sessions are 60 or 90 minutes. My sessions are mixed of techniques including: Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point, myofascial, reflexology and Reiki. Due to the nature of the session in which I use most of my body to shape and knead your body, I prefer not to drape and my clothing is minimal since it is a hinderance to the massage process.

TANTRA MASSAGE sessions are 60 or 90 minutes include a great therapeutic session but also a deeper immersion into the most aspects of human intimacy and touch. I will work out all of the knots, tension and stress through gentle, deep tissue massage combined with stretching of your arms, legs and neck. I will work the muscles in your back, legs, buttocks, arms, neck and shoulders. I use my hands, forehands, fingers and my gluts to work on your body. Your entire body will be completely relaxed and loose. My TANTRA massage refers to a spiritual path that seeks direct spiritual experience through Meditation, ecstatic touch and energy. By consciously running energy through all the chakras in the body, great amounts of energy are created. TANTRIC sessions show you how to run sensual energy through all your Chakra points, full body experience. This is for those who are eager to experience something different, to push their experiential boundaries and to embark on a truly amazing Journey! For my TANTRIC sessions, unless my client expresses a desire to the contrary, I work without Draping.

Having said this I always honor and work within your own personal level of comfort.

I LOVE GIVING MASSAGES to men. So I'm going to ask each of my male clients to give me a feedback on : which muscle(s), should be massage with a different technic, or being massaged longer .
YOUR CRITICISM will help me to give you better personalized massage for your next session.

I'm challenging myself through a modulation twist of session by practice some other technics ( read above)I learned.



Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I am looking forward to meeting you in person.


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About Him

BELGIAN-AMERICAN citizen, gay Massage Therapist with 13 years of experience. who is proud being Gay. Babe,
I was born this way !
A few things about me: While in Belgium,( Brussels or Liege) where I competed in numerous sports, such as volleyball, swimming and gymnastics. Since I have moved to the United States, I have expanded my love for physical fitness through weightlifting, biking and doing my daily power walking on Katy Trail . It s amazing for my legs and gluts.. I find that my physical strength, vitality and training give me the stamina to give a focused, energetic massage using different parts of my muscular physique.


Tantric Therapeutic 60 min. $165.00
90 min. $225.00
SPORT/MEDICAL massage 90 min. $225.00

Additional Fees

Outcalls less than 10 miles $65.00


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Dallas, TX 75219
Outcalls within 10 miles