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About his bodywork

Don't you just want to... ahhh... hmmm... relax? Isn't it so nice to kick off your shoes and leave the world's troubles at the door? To just take your responsibilities off your shoulders, put them to the side for now, and just... breathe a breath or two? Oh, to not have to worry about another single soul. To have the freedom to just be your natural man-self, and intentionally focus on yourself and your needs, with the sole intent to feel even a little better at this moment.

Each and every man, woman, gay, bi, straight, ect., every human being innately deserves to feel good!

As men, we need to take the time to care for ourselves, be it man to man or whatever, we need to recharge our batteries, so that when the world does come knocking on our doorstep with all its problems, we are refreshed, revitalized, and ready to go!

Otherwise, what good are we to anyone if we have nothing to offer but a mere shadow of who we really are?
We know something is off if we find ourselves unwilling to put our hearts into our passions, unclear about where our minds could focus, or too stiff and physically exhausted to move about without major discomfort. Whatever you've been doing, hasn't been working as well as it could be.That's where I come in.

I like to think of myself as a sort of healer of the mind, body, and spirit. It is amazing to me that more people don't recognize the importance of this integral framework. How these three aspects of ourselves, are not only interconnected among themselves absolutely, but more obviously to our health. The state of any individual's health is a direct reflection of that person's balance among the mind, body, and spirit.

For example, if a person holds a rigid attitude that has got them all bent out of shape, you can bet they feel it. It's like to manifest as a stiffness or dull pain in the midback, perhaps feelings of frustration, defensiveness, or justification are more notable, they may even sense energetic stagnation. Regardless of which level they sensed it, they are feeling it. I find myself accutely aware and sensitive of this balance in others as well as myself. But you need the right tools for right situations.

For instance, Reiki energy can do no harm, it only goes where is needed, and it's worth trying. It doesn't have to take very long, a 5-10 minutes boost, or Reiki can be the focus of the entire session depending on the client's needs.
(A longer session would include: a deeper Reiki experience, greater healings, chakra reading/healings, auric cleansing, guided meditations, and a post-counseling session. Also, if needed a more detailed explanation of the energetic system, and any intuitive messages as they present themselves.)

It is an immense to joy to me to be an uplifter of any kind. I look for as many opportunities as I can to be a source of joy, while respectfully, discreetly, and honorably be sensitive to the client's needs. Be it only a moment, an hour, or even longer; if I have played any part in making someone's life a little easier or more enjoyable, I have done my part in improving the world.

Overall, I spend our time together focused on what's best for you. All the way from starting the session with my signatute 'undressing ritual' to whatever ending you may prefer, my main goal is to help you feel better.

I eagerly await my next opportunity to be an uplifter! Can't wait to hear from you! :^D

Thank you,

About Him

I was raised in Omaha, NE for most of my life. At 27, I listened to a little voice in my chest, and made the decision to move. The south sounded warm and worth exploring. So I got rid of my awesome place and anything I couldn't fit in my car, said goodbye to everyone I knew, and walked into the unknown. I didn't know anything about Austin other than they seemed to prioritize health, the environment, and open-mindedness. For a month in the summer 2014, I became a gypsy and embraced it fully! Without a friend or home waiting for me in Texas, I started to build my life up from ground zero, which is exactly what I wanted. And best of all, not only am I thriving in my everyday life, there's more greatness and adventures to come!

•My training includes a MS in Clinical/Counseling Psychology (seven years in the mental health field, two of which I was a licensed therapist working with families and at-risk youth), my background in various types of massage and yoga, and a third attunement to become a Reiki Master, you learn a thing or two about maintaining physical health and overall well-being.

• I treat all clients with the utmost respect and absolute discretion. Although, most of my clients are gay males, I have no objections to working with straight men, bi guys, women, or couples.

• Reiki is hard to describe, but easy to experience. Fortunately, you don't have to understand what Reiki is for it to work its magic. By 'laying hands' on you and channeling this high vibrating energy, we harmonize into a naturally purer vibration. This is often experienced as a sort of soft, inner calm that feels restorative and deeply restful. A deep, profound, yet gentle shift seems to take place in most people during what could be called a trance. The shift is so smooth you may not notice it until later in the week.

Overall, I can assist in the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. If there's anything I can do to help you feel little better, more comfortable, liberated from inhibitions, at ease, and/or... relaxed, let me know. Or ask questions.


Outcalls/incalls 30 min. $60.00
60 min. $120.00
90 min. $180.00


Near Congress street & Ben White boulevard
Austin, TX 78704
Outcalls within 10 miles