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Massage Therapy in Orlando for Chronic Pain, Sports and Deet tissue massage

Joel Rayburn
2111 E. Michigan Street, suite 202
Side lying myofascial work
Cranial Structural treatment

About his bodywork

Creative Bodyworks specializes in treating stubborn chronic painful issues. Our clients range from the weekend sports fanatic to someone that's in so much pain they can't enjoy normal daily life activities. We offer deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial release and many other specific modalities. Our most effective therapy that produces effective and long lasting results is Structural Energetic Therapy or SET. SET combines Cranial Structural and Structural Integration to bring the body in balance. Instead of just treating the area where the pain is and getting a small amount of relief that lasts a short time and comes back just as strong, SET addresses the soft tissues that are the source of the pain. This advanced approach to treating pain produces profoundly effective long lasting changes. Please don't hesitate to contact us with specific questions about your issue. We would love to do into detail in explaining how we can help with your issue.

About Him

Creative Bodyworks was founded by Joel Rayburn. Joel has been practicing as a licensed massage therapist in Orlando, Florida since 1994. Over the past 22 years Joel has continually enhanced his knowledge and skills by training in advanced massage therapy techniques such as sports massage, deep tissue and myofascial release. Joel is certified as a Neuromuscular Therapist, and as a Structural Energetic Practitioner.

Joel's believes his true calling is to be a healer. He has an intense passion for helping clients come out of pain and it shows in his attention to detail and working with the client to find long lasting results. He loves to share with you what he is doing and why he's treating each area because he wants you to be more connected with your body and understand the mechanisms of how his work is more effective than normal massage therapy..


Incalls 60 min. $75.00
90 min. $110.00
120 min. $150.00

Additional Fees

Breath Work $110.00
Cranial Structural Therapy $150.00


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Orlando, FL 32806
Outcalls within 25 miles