QUALITY Male Masssage

Masculine, x-Military,Str8, BigHugeARMS, 9 Yrs Certfied CMT, Strong Hands,


About his bodywork

24 hour male massage. I'm a NYC/ Vegas based Masseur, Visiting Pittsburgh

Recently in June and July, out of Europe, The UK, and the Entire United States I've been ranked as the #1 most viewed male masseur in the world.


All ages 20+,all sizes, genders Male/female, orientations welcome. I'm a Certified CMT and very friendly, NON-RUSHED, Professional & welcoming.

Stats: on the : "about him" section on the left

I am a very immediate prompt service, If i am not in an appointment.Though I am personally straight, my clients consist of gay males, straight females, bisexual males, male/female Married couples, discreet married clients, public figures, and many more. I am very safe, and very friendly. I am a great choice to make. My hands are amazing and will make you feel brand new.

ON CALL 24/7 at your convenience. I will NOT wake up to a text so I recommend CALLING me and waking me up 4am-11am (hours I'm usually asleep) if you're a serious inquiry...I will wake up to come see you, I don't do in calls late at night (only during the day & reasonable evening), but I WILL come out to you late

I travel to cranberry and erie yes for exta

Outcalls After 3:45am ad additional lCANCEL POLICY:
My stats are 110% accurate, pictures are all recent.
My training is impeccable. & I lug/carry a heavy table around,spend $out of pocket, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "passing", If you order me, I expect payment. I am 5'8,example if you "imagined me to be 6'0" that's not my fault, and I don't have old pics, all are recent. Payment needs to be visible on a table, but I collect (at the end) not up front. When Calling Etiquette, Professionalism :
Please be ready with your address , or ready to come to me. Please no overly explicit questionsTextingI dont text back n forth for long periods of time, just call me, Im friendly and charming.

If you use a "text app" and don't talk on the phone for at least 30 seconds, I will not meet you.I don't meet magic jack phone customers, private callers even with a business phone or married excuse (for a VERY long list of safety reasons) prepaid phones are even FREE these days.
Discretion: If you're worried about discretion, your phone number is 100% discreet with me, and I can erase it when done.

Please normal clientele only:
Pease don't contact me if its for "some other time", or if you're "not ready", or just calling to ask "how long are you in town for", I am in town NOW, I am here in the NOW, and I'm available in the NOW

About Him

I am studying my masters right now for an MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Services.

I am:
A Veteran, Former Active Duty US ARMY COMBAT MEDIC
A CMT Since 2006
A former home renovator (prior to knee operation)
A Painter/Artist
A Published Author
A Screenplay Writer
A Guitarist/ Bassist/ Si nger/ Producer/ Recording Engineer

9 yrs as a CM.T. I travel the world and went to school for this,I began in Boston (2006) & NYC (2011), Chicago (Early 2013) Settled down in Pittsburgh(2013). Yes I can come with a table. I travel often to Vegas,NYC, Seattle,Chicago+ more, Super discrete outcall, including married clientele, clients here on business, couples, politicians, CEO's, Wallstreet, public figures,major athletes, EXPERIENCE WITH HIGH PROFILE CLIENTS

I am an EXTREMELY Friendly, welcoming, warm, masculine, former active duty military, well educated professional trained masseur with a pro table (yes, I can bring this table with me),I;m an artist, musician, publ ished author and Currently in my MBA program online while I travel doing massage.

Stats: 5'8, 189, 34 waste, Smooth except my chest,
Very Muscular Tattoo's Arms, Barrel Chest,
|I do not have abs, or a flat stomach *not a swimmers build.

Where is home:?
I travel the world doing massage as support during graduate school, I consider 3 northeast cities as "home" for 3 different reasons,

1.NY/NYC born in Vegas, but raised in Long Island since age 1

2. Boston: This is here I spent most of my 20's, this is where my massage experience began in 2006 until I moved to Pittsburgh in 2008, (Military Texas 2009-2012), then NYC in 2012. Many clients say I have the Boston Accent.

3. Pittsburgh 2013-2015, This is where I settled down, favorite city , and have considered it to be my settled down " Home/Home" for good

More About me:

I am probably the friendliest choice you can make from here. VERY DISCREET.

Backgrou nd/ Heritage British & New Zealand =(Together 75%) , Italian-Sicilian (20%) and Cherokee Indian ( 5%) descent.

I am 5'8, 185 lbs, Big in the upper body, big Tattooed arms, Broad shoulders, Barrel chest, no abs


Outcalls 60 min. $120.00

Additional Fees

Outcalls passed 2am additional $40.00
If youre further than 35 min away from west mifflin extra distance fee VARIES $1.00

Travel schedule

  • Oct. 02 - 30: Pittsburgh, PA