The Ecstatic Embrace

The Ecstatic Embrace...featured on CBS Sunday Morning


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About his bodywork

I offer a unique service: a full-body extended embrace for men (note: NOT massage) that lasts for a full 90 minutes (2 hour session total). This enormously pleasurable experience creates a gentle altered state of consciousness that is typically marked by a sense of euphoric connection, though it can be emotionally cathartic as well. It is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Though very sensual, this work is not sexual in intent. The positions are various, done mostly laying down, and are based on comfort and intuition. I treat my clients with the utmost care, warmth and respect. For gay or straight men, who value the warmth of human connection. Though each is session is a , it is wonderful as an ongoing practice in self-care and personal growth. READ MY REVIEWS!

About Him

My unique work has been profiled on CBS Sunday Morning and I have been a student of personal growth for many years in both traditional and non-traditional forms. I practices Buddhist meditation, and actually discovered this hugging path from a simple meditative vision 15 years ago. I have found consistently that a sustained full body hug reveals a path of personal and spiritual growth, as well as being enormously pleasurable. I am a recently certified Core Energetic practitioner. Though I try to accommodate all appt. requests, it is best to schedule a day or more in advance.


Incalls 120 min. $120.00
Massage Therapy
Incalls 120 min. $120.00

Additional Fees

For an additional 30 minutes $20.00


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