Euro Custom Massage Experiance


Hello Im Sebastian!

About his bodywork

Body work and massage is my passion and goal is to give you an experience you will never forget. I have designed a custom session that you will find very satisfying. Every opportunity I get to learn a technique I have not known before, There is no question about it. I have studied European massage types that are rather rare to come by. Punctuality is very important to me, I feel that showing up late shifts the energy right from the start. I believe that my experience and bodywork knowledge and the positive energy that you will receive during our session will renew you inside and out.

About Him

I have spent part of my life in Europe where I have had an opportunity to study some unique techniques. I believe that the touch and one on one human interaction has benefits far greater than most people realize. I have also studied several uncommon types of therapy in the USA. that was one of the reasons I decided to study different cultured massage therapy with the hope of letting my clients experience an adventurous variety of bodywork.


Incalls 60 min. $95.00
90 min. $130.00

Additional Fees

Outcall/Travel Fee $25.00


Based in Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Outcalls within 25 miles