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About his bodywork

Spa Los Robles is a unique destination for any man seeking a private and confidential space to relax and receive a great massage and other spa services..
Richard has been massaging for over 20 years and provides a close, man to man Relaxation Massage consisting of a full body Swedish Massage with some Deep Tissue work that lasts about 70 minutes. The Relaxation Massage can be done with or without draping. A longer, more custom massage, lasting about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours, is also available. Other Spa services and packages are offered. The full Body Scrub, lasting about 15/20 minutes, uses a sea salt and oil formula to exfoliate your skin leaving you smooth and refreshed. The Scrub is available by itself or before a relaxing massage.
All services to men are in a private, residential, confidential and nurturing environment in downtown historic Savannah.
Please call or write Richard for more details and take a look at his website:

About Him

Richard is a mature, passionate gay man who has been massaging men for over 20 years first in NYC and now Savannah, GA. Richard is a deeply and passionately committed, believing that raising one's body energy creates a direct link to the Divine.
Richard is Certified and Licensed in Massage Therapy and well trained in Sexological Bodywork. He was one of the first Sexological Bodyworkers trained by Joseph Kramer in 2003. Richard's very unique custom Massage is first and foremost a great full body Swedish Massage with Deep Tissue but also very close, intimate and nurturing. All men who come to Richard and his Spa are treated with dignity and caring, and all men, regardless of condition, are welcome.


BODY SCRUB 20 min. $40.00
Massage Therapy
"EROS" Massage 120 min. $150.00
RELAXATION MASSAGE 70 min. $100.00

Additional Fees

Relaxation Full Body Swedish Massage $100.00
Full Body "EROS" Massage $150.00
Full Body Salt Scrub $40.00


Near 34th Street & Drayton
Savannah, GA 31401