Massage by Apollo

Intuitive, Strong and Relaxing massage


About his bodywork

I approach massage with care and pleasure. I bask in the energy that is shared when 2 people are open and present with one another. I am a nurturing man and always make sure my clients feel safe, relaxed and well taken care of.

I was formally trained in both deep tissue and Swedish methods when I lived and Chicago. I'm currently learning new methods to expand my massage repertoire.

I often find myself enjoying the experience just as much as the person I'm massaging, and often finish the massage feeling like I too have received one.

I have very strong hands, arms, and back while still maintaining a delicate touch when needed.

I am educated and am always learning. I am friendly and and very approachable as well. Feel free to stay silent and drift off into your happy place during your massage or we can enjoy great conversation during our time together.

I look forward to working with you.

About Him

Despite my lack of an accent, I grew up on a farm in Tennessee. I LOVE the outdoors and am seeking new ways to immerse myself in it. I am a Columbia graduate. I'm always seeking new things to learn about.

The glass is always half full for me :)


Outcalls 60 min. $125.00
90 min. $175.00


Near 45th Avenue & 21st St
Long Island City, NY 11101
Outcalls within 10 miles