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ive yourself the time to heal and relax. Awaken the mind and body and explore new states of energy. I’m Nic and I’m here to help you reconnect your body to a greater sense of awareness through skilled massage and energy work. I have a total of 9 years experience in the healthcare field with 6 of those focusing on massage and energy work, so you can trust your body in my hands to be cared for with skill and knowledge, letting your mind relax into my touch.

—4-hand massage is available with Nico (http: / / www. masseu rfinder. com/ members/ nickmassage. shtml), please contact either of us to book a session. Rates are $150 for 60 minutes or $225 for 90 minutes.—

My work is catered to your preference, whether you are looking for a massage purely for relaxation with a lighter touch, interested in exploring energy work and finding balance, or working on specific areas warming up to deep tissue work. The following are my 3 primary types of sessions:


Therapeutic sessions consist primarily of traditional massage techniques, including Swedish, Thai, and deep tissue work. Sessions catered to specific areas as indicated or else can be geared towards relaxation.


My energy blend sessions are one of the most popular, especially for those new to ideas of energy work. Incorporating aspects of traditional therapeutic massage allows the body and mind to be more receptive to energy techniques, calming the mind from the busyness of life. The first half of the session is more traditional in approach with the second half entering energetic modes of healing, opening, and relaxation.


Energy work sessions focus almost solely on energy healing techniques, such as Reiki, Pranic touch, and Jin Shin Jyutsu. All of these modalities come together in my own blend that works on clearing up stagnant energy and entering deeper states of relaxation, centering, and calm.

Sessions are performed on a professional heated massage table, adjusted to your comfort level, in a relaxing and peaceful private massage studio. Aromatherapy, essential oils, and natural soy candles help rest the mind, while a tranquil soundtrack works on finding that inner calm, the inner self. I use only the highest quality Biotone massage lotions and oils for your session.

This is a time for men or women, gay or straight, to find true, meaningful relaxation. I welcome anyone to find some rest and awakening in this time: age, physical looks, conditions… these do not mean anything. It’s the true person inside of you I look forward to working with.

Please shower before arriving for session, hygiene and cleanliness are important to the session experience as I often work from one area of the body to the other and back in restoring energetic connections in the body.

Advanced bookings are preferred and appreciated as I can often book up completely for a day, though same-day bookings are still welcomed with a minimum of 2 hours advance notice. Text is preferred for same day booking requests.

Email him now or call (727) 888-3190