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e can either work on a bed or my portable table massage which is very confortable .If you'd like for me to come over just send me a good day and time that works for you then I'll be sure to confirm back. Thank you and I hope we can make it happen.

Summertime happiness, take off your clothes and enjoy the breeze.

Enjoying the wonderful moments that life can give, lets share a brief moment and unwind together.

I have been learning and advancing my craftsman-handwork for over three years now, I'm fully well aware that no two bodies are alike nor are they operated the same.

I enjoy doing what I do, I really believe in developing a direct and special connection between the both of us. I use all of my body to create more than just a standard experience. I use a nourishing touch with strong hands and the gentleness of my warm and/or cool breath to provide various sensations throughout the full body massage. These are just some of my techniques I like to apply. I try to create the most embracive and appealing of sessions striving to serve you with a sensual and intimate getaway.

So what ever the reason may be, lets push the reset button to your body and give you a sense of feeling that’s more grounded.
Send me any questions you may have about a male massage and we can start on our own adventures.

Your gay local male masseur,

Email him now or call (202) 491-9876