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Come get naked with us and indulge in a hot erotic/therapeutic massage like you've never had before. Below are all of the details you'll need to know about our massage, rates, accommodations, etc.. Check out our reviews from some of the men that have experienced our touch. We'll look forward to taking excellent care of you, too!

Big muscle hugs,
Will and Trey

The Massage:

When you arrive, you'll be greeted warmly and are welcome to use our shower if you'd like. The time for your massage session doesn't start until we're all naked and our hands are on you :). Once you're on the heated table, we warm up your muscles with broad and sensuous strokes, gradually working into the pressure you desire. We're both happy to go as deep or as gentle as you like and we'll check in with you periodically to make sure you're getting the pressure you want. We move fluidly and in-sync with each other to work on every muscle group in your body.
Utilizing stretching and traction techniques, we move your body and stimulate your senses in ways you've never felt before. Mutual touch is welcomed and you'll know "first hand ;)" how these sessions and working together turns us on. We each will massage your entire body so you'll actually receive two complete full body massages during your session. Every bodywork session concludes with a happy ending unless you prefer a sensual or therapeutic only massage. We will always give you the full amount time you request, never ending the appointment early.

The Accommodations:

When you arrive you'll find free, ample parking and a handsome, smiling couple to welcome you at the door. We are close to BART and MUNI stations if you use public transportation. If you arrive by taxi, please notify us, so that we may plan a ride for you at the completion of the massage. We live in a very clean, modern decor apartment with panoramic views of the city and bay, adding to a high-class experience. Our massage table is top-of-the-line and incredibly comfortable. It has Tempurpedic padding and an electric table warming system.

Scheduling an Appointment:

When you contact us you will receive a prompt, friendly response with clear answers to your questions. We will coordinate our schedules to find a convenient time for your massage. We are very professional and pride ourselves on excellent communication and client satisfaction.

About Us:

We are two gay, muscled, competitive athletes, with a combined 18 years of experience. We know how to care for your body and make you feel amazing. Both of us are very physical, affectionate and have high sex drives. Massage is the perfect career for us :). We're great friends, legitimate massage therapists, and are professionally trained. Trey and I love what we do and love doing it together.

Our clients come from all walks of life and all over the globe. We work with many bi-curious and married men, always ensuring discretion and respect. We also love working with couples and offer side-by-side tandem massage.

If you would like to contact either of us individually for a solo massage, please feel free.
Will: massagem4m.com/willsf
Trey: masseurfinder.com/trey

We truly enjoy our work and you'll be blown away by the experience.

-Will and Trey

Email him now or call (415) 347-6267