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Creative, Dynamic, Customized and personalized session. Also known as Miami Beach Massage in NYC West Village by Kevin. My speciality is Bodywork and YOGASSAGE and also TABLE THAI, Oriental Bodywork and Customized Flexabilities and Advanced Modalities including Traditional Modalities; TCM,Oriental and Asian Arts, Jin Shin DO and Jitsu, Yogassage & Ayurvidya.

My advanced studies after after attending 5 Massage school programs and teaching Health Literacy resulted in my fascination with Oriental Bodywork. This advanced emersion graduated me as a CYT. ‎"If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself." ~ N.V.Peale ........... so I am! "Ananda results from Custom Oriental based Table work. The autobiography of this Yogi is me practices evolved out of Yoga and Massage.

It as said the practice of tolerating the consequences of being oneself is called self realized action in motion while relaxing enables to restore oneself. Ayurvidya is a life science and practice allows experiences whose consequences requires us to a sense of well being and equanimity. Joy is a natural state.

Taoist TCM in my Graduate studies launched Yang Approaches to Yin Therapeutics. Ayurvidya Arogya in Ayurveda. Atunements for the this Yuga the "Mass Age".

My practice evolved into a Table Thai Yogassage and Ayurvidya. I offer unique and amazing experince of Yogassage A Propose" by cymt. in the West Village.

Namaste, formerly known as MIAMI BEACH MASSAGE I now practice Therapeutics for the "Mass Age" and Customized Bodywork & Yogassage Table work.

The Western Atomic mass age benefits from teachings from the philosophical Aranyaka Sutras, Samadhi Pada by Patanjeli and Carvaka's Ayurvidya Sutras. Inspired Yin Therapeutics technology transforms the practice by redefining intension and redefining the techniques as it modifies my former practice.

Jai Siva Gaietry Namaha.

Oriental Bodywork is an art and science, a school of thought, a philosophy... INTEGRATION. In this sense it's represents a process through which one can achieve an integrated experience of being-ness. The (Yogassage) process enables us to Relax restore and be content.

Travelers', Local dancers & Athletes for STRETCHING THERA-PEUTICS Welcome! This fellowship is called a "Pratiyaharan" practice. Enjoy the sports fellowship you would want to have for yourself and come create it together with me. Partnered restorative table yogassage.

Be nurtured with and by this multidimensional modality. A dynamic thai styled "transduction" of universal "energie". It's all about experiencing joy & bliss by unloading stress & relaxing. The intention of guided mass age relaxation is stretching w/"inaction with-in action, mindfulness with-in emptiness (sunyata)" [citta vrtti nirodhah] your whole well and fit with restorative yogassage. Reconnect with your health, unity, jen & well beingness of an Ayurvida Lifestyle. I'm available & ready when you are!

For you by design. Come to my Great West Village Studio in New York City's Greenwich Village near Christopher St. & West side by Pier 45 at Hudson River Park Keep In Touch & visit me. I'm so happy to be back in NYC!! OK to call 7 days a week 10AM TO 10PM! Hotel Out Calls & Vacation Travelers Welcome! All modalities are to de-stress for relaxation and customized w/ elements from selected Alternatives to relieve tensions and enhance your energetic body, stretchability, your sense of well being or just to recharge.

Relax into healing as in a relaxed session. Then I'll deliver the most dynamic multi-dimensional Oriental Bodywork yogic inspired session. Your wishes for great bodywork will guide your experience.

Photo's posted merely to identify and feature Ayurvidya practice!

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