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y massage combines a variety of techniques from Tantric, Swedish, Reflexology and Deep Tissue to Feather Touch. In many Eastern cultures Tantra is a form of massage that's been practiced and accepted for centuries. It's difficult to explain to someone raised in a Western culture where sensuality is considered vulgar. In the East it's often the opposite, almost carrying religious devotion. "Leaders" over the centuries have argued about how their form is more spiritual than the others.

This is not a religious exercise. It includes conscious breathing begins at the beginning and carries through the entire, full body massage. You'll be asked to pay attention to your breathing throughout the massage and to empty your head of anything that might interfere with your full enjoyment of touch everywhere. If you let yourself relax, you'll end up feeling like pudding. Completely relaxed.

You'll enjoy a professional massage table, sensual lighting, specially mixed music and incense to enhance your ability to shut out the world and concentrate on receiving nurturing touch. I'm a nudist. I don't like clothes. I offer sensual body shaving, too.

Many of my clients identify as straight. Many are married. While this is a male massage performed by another male, you shouldn't attach a specific orientation to it. Leave labels at home. Pleasure and relaxation are the goals. Absolute discretion is assured. Men massaged by another man doesn't necessarily make it a gay massage, though you're welcome to think of it in any way that makes you comfortable. I don't label you, so you shouldn't label yourself. Just let yourself enjoy the time. I promise you'll get out wonderfully alive.

I used to lead the twice weekly New York City Men's massage group - Celebrate Touch. With a friend, I also ran the "New York Sacred Brothers" massage sessions for Body Electric workshop graduates.

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