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PPOINTMENT SCHEDULE - SEE MY 'SENSUAL' AD OR visit my personal website, www.WallyBeckham.com


Having a pool party? I'll give forearm, hand, and foot rubs to you and three of your guests! I love the sun, the pool, the lake and the beach. $85 / hour - no out call fee.

And, if you have a boat or pontoon boat... I am available for table sessions should you want to get a relaxing session on the water under the sun or in the shade. Min $165 for 60 or 90 min.


60 Min.....$ 85.00
90 Min...$125
120 Min...$165

60 Min...$105
90 Min...$145
120 Min...$190

60 Min...$145
90 Min...$200
120 Min...$275

I usually can't go to parties or out to a bar without one of my male friends or close acquaintances planting themselves in my way hinting that they want my hands on their traps or neck. I am known for not only my strong deep touch, but also my intuitive sense of touch. I am 6'5", 220 lbs, 45 years old, hairy, and muscular. I have been doing bodywork for 17 years. I work out 3 days a week with a personal trainer and I walk/run 3 miles to achieve cardiovascular benefits.

A lot of guys make an appointment with me because they like being touched by a muscular well built man who is good with his hands. The massage is very /sensuous and there are relaxing strokes that glide over areas of the body that are rarely touched and which feel amazing (because they are never touched.) UPGRADE to the naked session and I'll let you hands wander out to connect with my body as I move my hands down your muscles.

MAN TO MAN (M2M) I do offer a man on man session that I call the 'Man to Man'. It is more expensive because I throw my entire body (literally) into the experience and it requires a lot more physical energy on my part. While this session is very sensual, it is not... During the M2M, there are practically no parts of our body that won't touch each other. It involves my body (my hairy chest, my well developed quads, my hamstrings, my glutes, hairy arms, my junk...) acting as a slow moving louffa on yours. It involves mutual body to body sliding/holding/embracing. During this session, we are both vulnerable as I remove your layers of stress and guide you to a more centered place. And, and your hands can move all over my body.

SHOWER Some of my clients come right from work and cannot go home to take a shower before the massage. That's okay. Take a shower at my place before and/or after the session. I offer non-scented soaps & shampoos. And, if you'd like me to join you in the shower before or after, there is now a charge only because my skin can't handle 7 hot showers a day. LOL. Please note, that If I am tightly booked that day, shower time may cut into our massage time.

I only do MAN TO MAN sessions for OUT CALLS. Deep tissue work can be done on your bed, but, I recommend coming to me for a better experience.

I travel constantly...I do not do massage in my home city (San Marcos). When I'm home, I'm there to rest or run errands.

Email him now or call (316) 285-0390