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ith decades of experience serving men and women around the world, I'm the guy you want for your next session in Southern California.

It is rare to find a man of my age, body type and experience who can provide you with my quality level of innovative therapeutic massage and bodywork.

I have a session that's just right for you regardless whether you're straight, gay, bisexual or still exploring. Specialties are available for men, women and couples of any mix.

I provide a full range of techniques from standard to sublime. All are head-to-toe experiences that incorporate stretching, bodywork and a variety of touch and massage styles.

I begin with some relaxed conversational time to get-acquainted and learn more about your needs and requests. You're welcome to shower before the session before entering a clean, unscented environment.

Regardless your age or your experience with touch, I'll amaze you and satisfy deep needs of your body and heart.

The sessions are a'la carte so if anything isn't to you liking, there are other innovations to enjoy. Due to time limitations, not all sessions include all maneuvers. Follow-up visits are customized to keep visit unique so you'll never get bored.

Simply text, call or email me for more information about my offerings.

I look forward to pleasing you soon.

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