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otal m4m relaxation awaits you with a complete full body male massage from me, where full body MEANS full body. I get told often that guys who go to world class spas and resorts leave with a mediocre massage and aware only of the areas which were skipped. Specifically they tell me the glutes and tush were ignored, the thighs and inner thighs neglected, the draping too clinical. They tell me it is such a joy to be able to dispense with the draping and find a guy who's mission is to see no area is forgotten, no stone unturned, no tightness or tension remains. a guy who enjoys the deep release needed for muscle relaxation and full body exploration to let go of tension and aches. awesome full body massage, incredible bodywork, and amazing tush kneading. you get a complete full body massage, head to toe, with special emphasis on those forgotten and neglected areas, your tush, your glutes, your thighs and inner thighs. allow my healing hands and soothing touch to give you the relief you seek.

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