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elbourne on Wednesday the 26th only

Classy, Convenient, Calm Studio with Soothing Music, Peace, and Quiet

Licensed and Visiting your Area

Let's Cast Your Worries Aside and Relax!

BEST Offer When in Town, for a Limited Time Only!

Rare Visit

A Phone Number is Necessary to ScheduleDeep Tissue (Swedish combination available upon request):
--$80 for an hour, $120 for 90 minutes, and $160 for 120 minutes
--$10 Discount for Return Clients

Yin Yoga (low body) or Rossiter Stretching (upper body) Synergy With Massage:
- - Instr uctional video/pamphlet included
--$40 for a half hour

Guitar Lessons: $40

--Add $20 to $40 (Plus any Tolls or Fees), Up to Thirty Minute Drive

Cash, Debit and Credit Card Accepted (2.75% fee for cardsSometimes Camping Areas with No Cell Signal But Will Reply ASAP

www. synergyhe al. com

Email him now or call (407) 255-0406