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elieve your stress with a unique massage for men that combines soft and deep tissue techniques. I offer relaxing deep tissue massage with a combination of soft touch I also provide sport massages upon request. I only use unscented lotion with vitamin e for your body needs Low rates: $70for 60 minutes for an amazing experience you will not forget. Also available for 90 minutes and 150 minutes. Private shower available . Give me a call, you will not regret it .My philosophy is (t..r) trust,relax.Find out why so many males keep coming back to me and experience what others can not do . My goals are to make you feel comfortable,relax and trusting all the way.Clean and quiet and relaxing environment with smoothing music from Tibet .I believe my hands provide an unique vibration of energy that will actually interact with your body and soul to make this something very special . I move my hands with the soft music of Tibet, touching all the right places. I enjoy what I do so much to the point that most of the times 60 minutes goes into 80 without any extra charges, and the 90 to 120 .IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY HERE IS BEYOND THAT. There is not price to see a man body and to be able to massage BUT WITH RESPECT ! It is time to fill full your fantasies . In today's society with so much going on is good to go to a clean safe place with a cool clean guy you can trust . iam 100% straight acting and discreet . My massage also can be the combination of 3 types in one , foot, deep professional tissue just to mention a few . all together is a great packet you can not let pass by. In calls can have free shower before or after the massage your choice with 12 types of body wash available including the newest coconut body wash .My massage is perform on a professional table with clean sheets . I do go to hotels with the table or with out the table, massage in bed are available but not . recommended .Couples are welcome. massage by Rico is a must experience . IN PAIN ? DON'T WORRY i will work on those muscle that are bothering u if that what are u looking for , I have clients that comes just for a therapy massage arthritis, pain in your foot and others conditions of you body can be heal with a few treatment . check myself all the time. I will not give massage if I have a bad day or feel tired,depress or sick as my hands are going to be touching another body, I believe in good energy . and that is what you will provide GOOD ENERGY.I do not give more than 4 massage a day,reason is by overdoing massage means somebody will get a bad massage i have to be full of energy to provide the best .NEW.....FOOT massage is included. Relieves.Relieves stress and tension get the knots out and promotes relaxation.NOW AVAILABLE GIVE CARDS..GIVE CARDS WILL GIVE YOU THE BENEFIT OF A MASSAGE FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY IN AND OUT FOR THE SAME PRICE 24/7 GUARANTEE . WHEN YOU BUY A GIVE CARD IS $20 LESS OF A REGULAR MASSAGE SO IS A BIG SAVING AND A GREAT TOUCH GIVE AND YOU WILL GET THE SAME DISCOUNT ON YOUR NEXT MASSAGE ...

Email him now or call (954) 615-7859