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f you're looking for an amazing massage with quality and skill, I'm your guy! You SHOULD expect your body to feel better than it has felt in years...with my expert hands crisscrossing your muscles, rolling fingertips and knuckles giving you the kind of sensation you cannot get anywhere else. The massage experience I offer is sensual in the most potent sense of the word, key word, sensual (Wanna know the difference: Look under SENSUAL: http://www.gaymassagenow.com/m... I know the male body like no one else. Your job is to lay back, relax, and let me treat your body to a relaxing, indulgent, sensual experience like no other.
I also offer Erotic massage as well, tailored to your needs. With a bit of communication, im sure we can tailor it to make you get the best experience possible. EXPECT PURE BLISS.....

A little about me: I'm built like a DUDE, I've got a lot of scruff, 6', 190, brown/hazel, 6.5 uc vers

Last tested Aug 2, 2014 neg: Safe only, on Prep

Remember the BEST WAY TO KNOW A MASSEUR is by reading up on their testimonials and the appropriate ratings. :)



Get ready for strong man hands guys. Making someone melt is a hobby of mine. Stare into my deep bedroom eyes a few moments, and ill take you to heaven....

My specialty is identifying and helping resolve your tension, which causes pain in your body, through deep tissue and Swedish male massage. I really do love my job and care about all my clients!

Take a Mini vacation to my personal studio and onto my massage table where I use warming massage oils and music to put you into a perpetual state of bliss. I am conveniently located in Arlington Virginia. Clients are extremely happy with my services and become regular clients soon after.

You DESERVE to feel BETTER! Enjoy a massage with me as I pamper and relieve your stress...

Gay, curious, bi or straight men are all welcome. I want my clients to feel better because I really do care about their well being.

IMPORTANT!!! :) Guys....Please give yourself enough time to enjoy the massage. I understand busy work schedules and I work with them all the time, BUT GIVE YOURSELF SOME TIME SO THAT YOU ARE NOT IN A RUSH, AND CAN RELAX AND ENJOY. I wanna make this experience GREAT for both you and me and I want to make sure that you have the BEST SERVICE possible! Give me enough notice if you can. PLEASE LOOK AT MY SCHEDULE when I am doing massage! The Current Rates are APPLICABLE TO ONLY THOSE TIMES!!! I will do my best to work with you. :)


I usually get my calls by 11am-12pmish for those of you who leave messages in the mornings :)

And guys, just out of courtesy, please come showered and have a proper hygiene. Thank you. :)

Texting is the next best way to reach me....but don't forget to respond :)P

My beauty sleep is crucial for providing you with the most amazing massage of your life! Please do not call between 10pm and 9am. Thanks!

PLEASE LOOK AT THE TIMES ON MY SCHEDULE! My last appointment is usually an hour and a half before the end time.

Please note that unless you've received a confirmed appointment time from me via phone, text, or email, your appointment hasn't yet been confirmed!

Out of the courtesy of other clients and my schedule, please note that being late more than 15 minutes to your appointment will be an automatic cancellation. We can easily work other details out about when a more suitable time for you to make your appointment on time can be made in the future with a phone call soon there after. :) Thanks guys!

Email him now or call (202) 754-1698