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ump start your spring with a massage from the Washington DC's FINEST: "The Massage Man." Billy knows the MALE BODY like no one else! The spa quality, the strength, the knowledge in order to produce the BEST SENSUAL MASSAGE experience possible, to heal, repair, and rejuvenate YOUR body and exhilarate all of its senses is HERE. EXPERT, natural WARMING HANDS caressing, crisscrossing knuckles, and rolling fingertips, palpitating over the crevasses of your body, kneading the tension through his SKILLED, ART OF SENSUAL MASSAGE, you certainly cannot get anywhere else. "My specialty is identifying and helping resolve your tension, which causes pain in your body, through DEEP TISSUE , MEDIUM PRESSURE, SWEDISH, SENSUAL MALE MASSAGE. I'm extremely accommodating to pressure and area needs. I really love my job and care about my clients!" Lay back, relax, and let him treat your body to a relaxing, indulgent, sensual experience like no other. Get ready to experience......EUPHORIA..........

You are invited to my private studio, tucked away on the outskirts of the city lines (Arlington VA), of my apartment. I work on a MASSAGE TABLE, I use MASSAGE OIL (with the combination of the rhythm of my hands creates a great heating sensation), and MUSIC to put you into a perpetual state of bliss. BOTTLED WATER is available, and a spotless clean SHOWER is available upon request.

You DESERVE to feel BETTER! Enjoy a massage with me as I pamper and relieve your stress...


Remember the BEST WAY TO KNOW A MASSEUR is by reading up on their testimonials and the appropriate ratings. :)

My Euro Mid Eastern, strong, large man hands seem to make every guy swoon as soon as I start; if it isn't the deep gorgeous eyes, scruff, or the toned body. LOL! I like to think it is the hands. I'm extremely friendly and will talk to you about what I can do to make this the best massage experience possible. Guys, this is your time to lay back and RELAX, and let me work my EXPERT hands all over your body, but I can't do that with roaming hands, and trust me, you want me to have my hands all over you. :) ENJOY this EXPERIENCE!!! :)

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Trained, licensed therapists who offer spa-quality massage to belong in the Therapeutic section. Practitioners who may or may not be licensed, may be trained (I'm CMT trained), who offer certain consensual "tension release" services, and who may work shirtless or in the nude, will belong in the Sensual section. Masseurs who are open to certain consensual adult services as part of their massage will advertise in the Erotic section.


I'm a Sensual kinda guy. And damn I'm good at it! :)

Gay, curious, bi or straight men are all welcome. My male massage clients are from 19-65 years old (so far) with all different body types. I want my clients to feel better because I really do care about their well being.

Guys....Please give yourself enough time to enjoy the massage. I understand busy work schedules and I work with them all the time, BUT GIVE YOURSELF SOME TIME SO THAT YOU ARE NOT IN A RUSH, AND CAN RELAX AND ENJOY. I wanna make this experience GREAT for both you and me and I want to make sure that you have the BEST SERVICE possible! Give me enough notice if you can.

Please Look Under AVAILABILITY for my hours of service. Look under RATES to see how much it costs. :)



Texting is the next best way to reach me....but don't forget to respond :)P

I don't respond or look at emails. Phone calls or texts only. Thanks guys. :)

I usually get my calls by 11am-12pmish for those of you who leave messages in the mornings :)

:) Guys, just out of courtesy, please come freshly showered and have a PROPER HYGIENE. Thank you. :)

My beauty sleep is crucial for providing you with the most amazing massage of your life! Please do not call between 10pm and 9am. Thanks!

PLEASE LOOK AT THE TIMES ON MY SCHEDULE! My last appointment is usually an hour and a half before the end time.

Please note that unless you've received a confirmed appointment time from me via phone, text, or email, your appointment hasn't yet been confirmed!

Email him now or call (202) 754-1698