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hat I offer is a thorough, intense and relaxing massage. It's an experience. For five years I have been practicing m4m body work, mostly working with gay and queer men. I meet a lot of guys who sit for too long in chairs and those who are stressed out from work. More often though I meet men who just need to get out of their head for a bit. Body work is a great and gentle way to lose control. A bit of time with me will leave you feeling lighter, grounded and refreshed. Your muscles will feel longer and softer and hopefully you will breathing deeper.

TAKE NOTICE: I do not host, sorry!

Also I have to advocate for the kind of experience I want to have as well, even if it means I see less people: Massage is not a replacement for real life intimacy. Please do not contact me if this is what you're looking for.

I am looking to work with men who are seriously participating in making this world a better place. Even if this just means becoming more conscious and less cynical at a personal level. Old-school, straight up capitalists make me sad. I've met so many men over the years who live for money in a way that turns them into something less than human. Their jobs have little by little disfigured their supple joints and hearts unrecognizable. Having money isn't a replacement for having character and a sense of purpose. Please already be somewhat embodied, passionate and on your way. I will be looking to know a bit about you before meeting up. Ultimately what you will get in return for this extra filter is a transcendent massage experience. I wouldn't be putting up this barrier if what I offered wasn't worth it.

I do this work because I have an intuition with bodies and am drawn to physical connection. It's fundamental and necessary. Body work is one of the ways we can check in and observe how our habits are wearing us and how we wear them. My practice is a combination of techniques: swedish, thai, acupressure, reiki, dance...it's a rhythm. I've developed it through trial-error and intuition, workshops and professional study. Some parts of it are more general and aimed at relaxation and breath work, and further into the session I target particular tension areas in neck, shoulder, lower back and legs. We do a little stretching but nothing we can't handle.

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