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'm Jonathan and healing M4M massage is my passion! Look elsewhere for an impersonal session or factory-style bodywork. This is a personal session to relax and build energy in the Vajrayana understanding: opening ourselves to new levels of physical and inner consciousness. We're working on connecting, relaxing, being present, enjoying the body and feeling energy. Any number of practices are intuited in the moment to be helpful and healing: from massage-style bodywork to Reiki-style balancing of chakras, core arousal and opening, or perhaps quieter modes like meditative awareness. It’s about finding the space you need at that time, not a procedure whipped out generically.

Rates: 60/min/$75; 90min/$100; 120min/$140. What are the differences between sessions? It really varies, but in general the hour is a quick wake-up, the 90min is an overall balancing session, the 2-hr is for deeper states.

You can request an appointment here! I’ll review & confirm. Or contact me by email. Or text / leave voicemail: 828-414-8075. (This is a messaging service, not a voice line. Please don’t expect an instant reply.) Please be direct!- location, time frame you’re available, length of session desired (60/90/120 for $75/$100/$140), and a note on what you want to work on! Set an intention!

I love working with men with every type of body- and a specialty is working with survivors of groin cancer, organized religion and other conditions which leave core energies weak and anxious. I grew up Christian and this session is about being reminded to be a true child of the divine. For men gay and straight and everyone who wants to work on feeling!

For payment, cash or cards are fine. The listed time of the session is the time spent on the table- with the initial holding/talking and cleanup, the session will last at least a half hour in addition to that.

Reviews: “Thank you for that amazing experience” “i found the time amazing.” “Thank you! Very moving experience.” “Thanks for yesterday. Opened up new horizons for me.” “Thank you for what was truly an awakening this evening. I feel amazing.” “I still can’t get that session out of my mind - the energy is still flowing” “I’m not sure when I’ve felt this deeply relaxed. Feels deep to the core.” “Thanks again for last night…I’m learning so much about my own body, getting in touch with feelings I didn’t know I had…” “Slept like a baby. Thank you. Could not even wake up in the morning” “Ur amazing ! Thx” “would like to see you, for a repeat of our session, I felt good for days” “Can’t tell you enough how much I loved our session.” “thanx 4 a gr8 experience today. I think u really helped me.” “I could still feel your touch…” “it’s been a couple weeks since my session with you and I still think about how amazing it was.”

Email him now or call (828) 414-8075