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elbourne on Wednesday the 26th only

Classy, Convenient, Calm Studio with Soothing Music, Peace, and Quiet

Licensed and Visiting your Area

Table Massage

A Phone Number is Necessary to Schedule
Available Everyday 10 am to 10 pm, Except 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Let's Cast Your Worries Aside and Relax!

Client Feedback: 'Professional, Extremely Knowledgeable, Expert, Genuine, Cool, Nice Guy, Rejuvenation and Free Tips for Overall Health.'

BEST Offer When in Town, for a Limited Time Only!

Rare VisitDeep Tissue (Swedish combination available upon request):
--$80 for an hour, $120 for 90 minutes, and $160 for 120 minutes
--$10 Discount for Return Clients

Yin Yoga (low body) or Rossiter Stretching (upper body) Synergy With Massage:
- - Instr uctional video/pamphlet included
--$40 for a half hour

Guitar Lessons: $40 at Beginner Level 45 minutes

--Add $20 to $40 (Plus any Tolls or Fees), Up to Thirty Minute Drive

Cash, Debit and Credit Card Accepted (2.75% fee for cardsPlease see my website:

www. syne rgyheal. com

Sometimes Camping in Areas with No Cell Signal But Will Reply ASAP

Yours in Health,

Email him now or call (407) 255-0406