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'm discreet and I'm looking for the same. I don't want others to know what I'm up to in here. It's an advantage because it makes the whole experiance of having a massage more like seeing some regular guy and not pro masseur. If you want a nice massage from a very good looking guy that that you might have seen jogging or strolling on the streets of London or someone nice you've seen in the tube then I'm the man for you!

I especially welcome closeted men, married, shy etc as I have to be very discreet myself, not showing face pictures, you are guaranteed utmost discreet service from my side because I'm not recognizable on the street from this website.

I'm 6f/183cm tall, 190lbs/90kg/14stone, very good looking, medium muscular, very fit, caucasian, fair skin, dark brown hair, smooth face, originally from Czech Republic.

I can visit you anywhere within Zone 1 and 2 of Central London for 150 pounds including transport costs. Visits outside Zone 1 and 2 might be more expensive depending on location. It's 130 pounds per hour at my place in Soho. My nearest tube stations are: Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road.

I do not send face pictures nor more of any pictures because I provide utmost discreet service and need to stay anonymous. Sorry.

Because some shy men often ask I would like to make it clear that all races are welcome for my m4m gay massage.

Privately I'm very good looking, self confident male, medium muscular, very fit, Czech, caucasian, fair skin, dark brown hair, smooth face, 35 y.o. Man for you!

IMPORTANT! My telephone number is 07531670623 if dialed in the UK or +447531670623 if dialed from outside UK or from non-UK telephone numbers.

Email him now or call +44 7531670623