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have been healing bodies and minds through touch for years and have developed an intuitive way of meeting whoever comes to me at exactly the place they are at and taking them to just where they need to be.

The body is a vessel for your mind and soul and by connecting with that part as much as the physical I'll be able to gently bring you into a place of absolute relaxation while working through physical knots and imbalances.

My massage practice is a combination of techniques including thai, swedish, thai, acupressure, and deep tissue.

Also offer
*Life coaching, my expertise is relationships, love and intimacy

* physical training - at the gym or in your home, I will give you a workout blueprint that puts you on the path towards your optimal physical state. Abs like diamonds etc'

*voice work
a completely unique vocal education. If you are at all interested in getting more out of your voice whether it is for speech or singing or curiosity.

*Actor training
Whether you need audition preparation or are simply curious to explore a new side of yourself for deeper emotional capacity, I use Meisner combined with my own intuition to develop this most fundamental art form

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