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My specialty is traditional Oriental bodywork, and in particular Anma, which is the classical massage of Japan.

Anma, Tuina and Thai, are all intense yet gentle forms of massage, that appeal to a particular kind of man that likes a strong, deep massage, but who is looking for more than the regular pressure of Deep Tissue Massage. The beauty of Anma is that the pressure can vary from the lightest touch to the most penetrating thumb pressing, so it can be adapted to every kind of preference and body type. All these massage styles are excellent for relaxation and well-being, but they are also founded on the sound therapeutic principles of their respective healing traditions. They can therefore be applied to treat very effectively the kinds of ailments and conditions for which massage therapy is usually sought.

Within Anma there exists the art of Ampuku, which is a very gentle, deep massage of the abdomen. Ampuku is both a highly specialised form of manual medicine and an incredible, profoundly relaxing massage for well-being, which helps to balance the functions of all the internal organs of the abdomen.

After a session of Oriental bodywork, you can expect to feel deeply and wonderfully relaxed, yet also pleasantly alive and at peace. This is because while the therapist is working on your muscles and joints, the massage is also having a very deep and real effect on your body's energy system. Your body relaxes, your energy settles, and your mind is refreshed and falls quiet.

Anma and Thai Massage are best received lying on a comfortable mat on the floor. When you book your appointment, feel free to let me know if you have any particular requirements so that the session can be arranged to meet your needs.

[A word to the wise: As you can see, Simon has chosen to advertise in the Heal Section of this site. His background has been in the complementary health field for over twenty years, and he would like to bring the benefits of Asian bodywork to the users of this site. Simon's massage is for well-being, health and for treating specific problems only.]

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