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ooking for a great sensual massage and a great experience? You want deep relaxation. Prolonged pleasure and an intimate personal connection. Safety, comfort...a knowledgeable good looking therapist.

My sensual massage work includes a lot of body contact. I use my whole body as I intuitively release the tensions and energy blocks in your body. I have a double wide massage table and am often on the table with you as I lift, and extend your muscles. I will also calm and soothe you into a place of deep relaxation.

Sensuality can mean many things. The work I do is based in Tantra and my study at the Body Electric school. We can explore this terrain in many ways. You can completely check out with the pleasure of the massage or we can have a more interactive session.

If you’re feeling tired, we can work together to move erotic energy. As the body becomes filled with erotic energy, it begins to experience a full body multi-orgasm. Let me show you how the way to a whole new sense of your erotic self, its pleasures and depths.

I hold a masters degree in body/mind work. Tantra is part of yoga which I also teach. I have years of physical education and experience. If getting a sensual massage or going to a new masseur makes you anxious in any way, know that you will be warmly welcomed in a clean, comfortable space and will receive wonderful care.

A recent client emailed this to me:

Lui, I wanted to thank you for the great gay massage and experience I had yesterday. As a new client you made me feel very safe and at ease and I really appreciated it. The male massage was really one of the best I have ever had and the work at the end was.... lets just say I have never experienced anything like it. Thanks you and I look forward to booking with you again in the very near future.

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