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Full Trained Deep Tissue Therapist! I have a Profound Magical Twist!!! You'll have to experience :) #AdvanceBookingSuggest ed.

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Several types to choose from; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Hot Stones, Men Massage and m4m massage.
This massage is focused on Gay, Straight & Trans Men's needs, because male anatomy is special and requires focused energies. Read more@ . Males are much more powerful in their bodies, particularly in the quadriceps , buttocks, and deep inner thigh regions, these areas are given special attention to insure a relaxing of lower body tensions, aches and pains and to allow a greater flow of energies head to toe . The focused energy includes more , it is a warm and an close experience that calls to open the Chakras and balance the heart. In addition to feeling a great surrender of tension, you may experience intense feeling of energy raging thought out your entire body, tingling, numbness in hands/face, waves of warmth, vibration and feeling of lightness are often experienced. This massage can be fun and/or deep catharsis may be experienced.
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