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treat you as you should be treated, like a king, a gay king. Regardless of body type, shape or size we are all men, gay or straight (and those in between,) and will be treated with respect, and expect the same in returnThe best and quickest way to get your male massage is to CALL or TEXT. Especially if you want something the same dayDraping will always be offered, but it is your option to be covered or not. As a gay massage therapist I have seen all kinds of bodies and honor them all.

Before each bodywork session I will sit and talk with you about any issues you are having and what you want out of the massage. Once you are on the table I quiet my mind to allow myself to focus entirely on you and your body. The clock is a guideline and only starts when my hands first rub lotion on your body. The end of the massage is when I am finished. There is a distinct difference in finishing a massage rather than ending a massage.

During the massage I will watch your body, listen to your breathing and just feel your reactions. I encourage everyone to makes sounds, sigh loudly and exhale noisily. I want to know how it feels and will adjust technique and pressure accordingly and at your request.

The male body is a wonderful thing to work on and I have a passion for making men's day a little better though my massages.

Call or text him at (813) 473-2286