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y 1 on 1 massage is for the gay man who wants quality in a professional M4M setting.
I'm GREAT with first timers and am VERY very patient and knowledgeable where male issues are a concern. (Look to my reviews regarding this.)

Using my relaxing techniques, I can teach you how to take it deeply as you've always fantasized. You just didn't have the patient Coach or Dad to teach you how it's really done.

We can start slower and allow you to learn what you REALLY can do and feel through my manly manipulation of your tender muscles and nerves until you open up to me completely.

It's that simple.

Some clients ask for appointments where they can learn ''how'' to massage.
We can do this by my massaging you...and then you massage back.

I'm the TOP in this field and will put you at ease.

As for Discretion: 100% discretion GUARANTEED.
Along with High quality & soul shaking release..of tension every time... They are my trademark..

Email him now or call