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he best way to beat the heat is to take it lying down.

Are you prepared to face the week with a clear, alert mind and purified body? Is the oppressive heat and humidity leaving you sluggish and sleepy? Tired of feeling tired? Do want to face the week with a clear, alert mind? Do you want to be revived and invigorated at work, at home, at the gym and simply over all?

Slug back with a Renew4U male massage. Reclaim your motivation, your energy and daily sense of purpose in a clean, cool, quiet West Village setting.

Take advantage of the "Beat the Heat Special" for a very limited time:

Incalls: $120 for 60 min/$160 for 90 min.
Outcalls: $140 for 60 min/$180 for 90 min

A visit with Renew4U promises to leave you feeling just that. Renewed. A therapeutic, relaxing male massage will help you return to balance and regain a good nights sleep, thus facilitating a more alert and productive day.

I understand that for some, accepting massage services may be a leap of faith. Receiving is, in part, about letting go. It is not always easy to entrust another person with the sanctity of . That being said, I am here to tell you that the service I offer is rooted in a fundamental practice of respect: respect of body, respect of mind and respect of privacy.

Rest assured, upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a warm, inviting practitioner whose only agenda is to provide holistic, personal attention.

I employ a combination therapy of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and Reikki. The technique is very deliberate and firm; focused and slow. Keenly and carefully I examine problematic areas compromised by fatigue and stress, working through them with deep, deliberate kneaded strokes combined with occasional caresses.

Regular Rates: (before special offers)

Incalls: $140 for 1 hr/$180 for 90 min.
Outcalls: $160 for 1 hr/$200 for 90 min.

Email him now or call (917) 710-5965