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Please look at my travel dates and book ahead!!
A Time To Heal with Tai-
A safe supported space where you are honored as divine masculine- full of light and love
I will assume you are scheduling a 90min-2hr male massage
Session as that is what most clients prefer as it gives
Us enough time to really connect(please include your preferred time, your name,info and location when you inquire- you can always expect a nicely appointed centrally located hotel that is easy to get to for most clients and my own private spa quality massage experience. For our scheduling convenience :
My available times are three, five, seven and nine pm on the day I get into your hometown and six eight and ten am the next day before I leave town, special times not offered and a home spa or office spa set up is available by request (prior confirmation required)

I believe we have an amazing capacity for healing and creativity and I am honored to share what I have learned with you to facilitate your own healing and reconnection to that divine part of yourself .
Experience a true intuitive connected private spa quality massage experience,And be welcomed in as an old friend . I have organic lotions and oils to soothe and nourish your skin, Heart to heart..my routine has been a practice I've been developing over the years, that I will adapt you your body, stretching and working you through any discomfort and working with your energy..
I have been practicing intuitive touch massage and energetic
balancing as path to healing and personal growth reclaiming my balance after old injuries and programming.
working with all aspects of your being to connect you
to your true healing potential that comes from masculine heart centered massage. Breathe work, energy work. all ages nd types are honored whether you identify as gay , bi, straight ,curious, pan ..you are welcome to experience a true healing massage to just to work out those kinks after a long day of work, exercise or travel

. Imagine a true healing massage experience tailored just for your needs by a man who cares and if your city isn't included in my schedule yet , then just ask! And my next trip I may be coming to your hometown

This may include intuitive touch massage, nutrition
and life coaching to empower your highest self
tapping into reserves of creativity and recconnecting
you to your source of balance.

Email him now or call