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s a former national caliber competitor in strongman and weightlifting I have some of the strongest hands in the country. Bodybuilding and experience working on my feet has taught me exactly where tension builds and how to release it. During my massage not only will soft tissue adhesions be broken but so will your stress.

If you have not had regular massage or contact with loved ones you may be experiencing what neuroscientists call "touch starvation." Where mental and physical health decline due to lack of physical contact with others. Massage therapy is significantly associated with alleviated depressive symptoms. Touch is so important that human infants experience failure to thrive or even death if deprived of motherly touch. Massage is also associated with reductions in anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure.

Getting Sick too much? Recently, researchers measured immune function in healthy adults who got either a 45-minute Swedish massage or 45 minutes of lighter touch. The massaged group had substantially more white blood cells -- including natural killer cells, which help the body fight viruses and other pathogens -- and fewer types of inflammatory cytokines associated with autoimmune diseases.
Massage therapy may in fact be a value compared to pharmaceuticals and missed work.

Don't keep going through life in a bubble, let your knots, worries and stresses get worked out beneath my powerful hands today.

To offer the highest quality and consistency of service for everyone, I limit myself to 2 sessions daily. This lets me recuperate, so you can get the maximum recuperation out of our session.

I often take last minute appointments, especially weekdays after 6pm, but the best way to guarantee a chance to have me work on you is by scheduling 1-2 days in advance.
Appointments 3pm or earlier require confirmation by 7pm the evening before.

**Freque ntly Asked Questions*^
Q.) Where are you Located?
A.) Oaklawn, Dallas
Q.) Do you do Incalls?
A.) No, Not for first-time clients, unless I know you personally. I have a table and they are priced the same as my outcalls.
Q.) Do you massage while Nude?
A.) No. I am clothed, since giving massage is exercise, typically shorts, you are nude, draped or clothed to your preference.
Q.) Hi.
Please ask a question, I get a lot of messages as it is. A good start would be: Hey, this is ____ located at ________, are you available at _:__ ____day for a __0 minute outcall?
Voicemail or texts including these details will be responded to first and may occasionally receive a surprise discount.
Q.) Is your massage Discrete?
A.) Yes, I will not tell anyone you booked with me and my vehicles do not advertise about Massage on them. However, if getting massage must be a secret kept from your partner, I am not the masseur for you.
Q.) Is your massage Sensual?
A.) While every massage is given with a sense of genuine care and intimacy, and plenty of , I can't speak for your experience of that. It is sensual for me to give as I attempt to indulge your tactile senses. This won't feel like a session with a detached muscle mechanic but a loving breathing understanding human who wants you to be happy.

Call or text him at (469) 708-6489